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"It is so easy to ride, I love it!"
– Trevor - age 7

"What I loved the most is you can sit and ski!"
– Mackenzie - age 8

"After a few good pointers I was clearing
the wake and landing on the other side;
– Thomas - age 13

"We all got up the first time on the same
day; it was awesome!"
– The Sharpe Girls,
Ages 11, 13, 15 and 17

"Everything goes in the boat after we load
The Ski Seat®. As long as The Ski Seat is in,
we are ready to have fun on the water with
the whole family"
– Don Reinders,

Proud owner of a The Ski Seat®
for 30+ years
"This is the ski everyone can ride. No more
sitting in the boat or on shore; watching.
Just hop on The Ski Seat® and go for a spin,
you will love it!"
– Proud owner of the company

Bringing the family together