Hi Mary, I live in southern Oregon so I don’t do a whole lot of foraging in the Portland area, but I know people that do. Once you’ve made your nettle vinegar, you can incorporate it into marinades and dressings. It’s paleo-friendly and can be made easily with ingredients you probably already have on hand. wow, all recipes are amazing, Stinging Nettle has the unique ability to optimize functions of the endocrine system related to reproductive health. please check out our Stinging Nettle PDF magazine. Get even fancier with this nettle tortelli in mushroom broth, or this amazing sounding nettle gnocchi! Once cooked, the sting is dissipated and it can be eaten like any leafy green. Nettle is especially high in vitamins A, B complex, C, K, iron, potassium, calcium, and manganese. Make this refreshing Nettle-Ade with foraged stinging nettles! Nettle is found across much of the world, but is particularly prolific here in the Pacific Northwest. This sautéed stinging nettles is definitely a recipe for nettle lovers! Lemon and Stinging Nettle Cupcakes with Lavender Icing: The flavour of the foraged nettles fades away beneath the zingy lemon, so you’re left with a surprisingly bright green sponge that tastes light and zesty, complimented by the floral icing. Learn more. I need resources for where to forage, geographical and permissible. It is the essence of “green,” and is super healthy, too. This delicate Nettle Leaf and Cheddar Tart makes the most of the first of spring’s nettles luxuriously mixed with a good cheddar to make a glorious tart in beautiful flaky pastry. And indeed, stinging nettle leaf uses are many and plentiful, offering a wonderful herbal resource for families. Learn about nettles and find helpful and creative ways to incorporate this herb into your life from nettle recipes and remedies to materia medicas and plant profiles, to foraging and harvesting tips, and more. Pancakes are a very popular addition to lunch and dinner in Scandinavian countries and are often served savory, like these stinging nettle pancakes. Wellness Nettle Broth Recipe. There are many amazing and unique ways to use nettle. It have lot of health benefits, I really like your blog, its so informative. This recipe is a mashup of two traditional Italian nettle pastas. Giving nettles a quick turn in a pan with a bit of oil and garlic isn't the most common way to eat these leaves, but it is delicious. Parks can be ok, but best to go to areas where there isn’t a lot of human or pet traffic. (Yes, pine needles are edible too). 1 clove garlic, minced. 2. As a delicious start to any meal on days when the weather turns cooler, try this ultra creamy nettle soup with garlic and potatoes! This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This delicious creamy nettle soup perfect way to entice a reluctant diner to eat foraged foods! The best part is, you get all these health benefits for free! Cooked Nettle 40+ Stinging Nettle Recipes (without the sting! Here are over 40 nettle recipes for how to use your foraged harvest! Also Read: How to Prepare and Use Stinging Nettle, How to Freeze Stinging Nettle, How to Dry Stinging Nettle Despite what others may say, you’re not crazy! Stinging nettle tea or juice might be a … Stinging nettle is an herb native to Europe, North Africa and throughout areas of Asia. Filled with stinging nettle, chives and cheese, this 6-egg omelet makes a an excellent breakfast served with fresh fruit and cream, or a simple lunch when paired with a salad and crusty slice of no-knead sourdough bread. Nettles are packed full of calcium, iron and magnesium, and are a natural detoxifer. Browse All Nettle Recipes Name Variations nettle leaves stinging nettle About nettles Wikipedia Article About Nettle on Wikipedia Nettle is the common name for any of between 30-45 species of flowering plants of the genus Urtica in the family Urticaceae, with a cosmopolitan though mainly temperate distribution. Not everyone realizes that stinging nettles can also make a tasty wild beverage. Let’s say you made a batch of nettle-ade and are thinking of composting the leftover nettles, but wonder how you can reuse them. This recipe for Steamed Nettles with Toasted Sesame Seeds and Chives is easy to make. You can still taste the nettles but in a most pleasing way. Remember, when cooking with nettles, you always want to blanch them first to tame their sting. I have severe year round allergies. This savory nettle spanakopita Greek pastry is a creative way to use your foraged nettles. They can also treat an array of inflammation issues that occur in muscles or joints, as well as skin problems like acne and eczema. Nettle leaves are rich in many nutrients and they are a great ingredient to add to hair care. I know this because it only grows in my horse area and when I’ve complained to friends with horses it showed up in their corrals about 4 years ago like mine. Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) has been a staple in herbal medicine since ancient times, such as to treat arthritis and back pain. These large dumplings are flavoured with wild herbs and nettles.”. In 2007, a recipe for ancient nettle pudding was declared Britain’s oldest recipe. My poor horse will not graze anymore, she must have been stung. Jun 17, 2013 - Explore Karen Coward's board "Stinging Nettle Recipes", followed by 119 people on Pinterest. 1 cup washed and dried nettle leaves. Originally published on June 14, 2019. In a medium sized skillet, heat the … A stinging nettle powder helps to soothe an irritated and itchy skin. You could also try this super green nettle risotto. What goes best with fresh seafood? Instead of mowing down your nettle patch, try using them in your cooking! What a great way to create less waste! Much like with the pesto and the pizza, the additional flavors in these ravioli soften the intensity of nettles without overwhelming them. You can also freeze it for later use. From a simple sauté to substituted stinging nettles for spinach and other greens in your favorite recipes, find a delicious way to cook up these spring "weeds." Try meal prepping one day a week so you’ll always have a healthy dish ready on hand. How to make nettle powder--so easy! The good news is that once nettle is cooked, steamed, blanched or dried the stinging compound completely goes away. Boiling the nettles gets rid of the sting, and this cake tastes very spring-like as the flavour of the nettles fades away beneath the zesty lemon. This nourishing nettle infusion stands right alongside bone broth in our home as mineral rich boost for busy bee kids and is one of the first teas I like to introduce to their palates to develop a love for herbal tea. However, you can easily make them sweet by adding a bit of sweetener to the batter or by serving them with a jam, syrup or both! Kick that cough and cold to the curb with this DIY, Herbal Immune-Boosting Sore Throat Tea! This nettles congee recipe combines east and west and is a great example for how to use stinging nettles. Nettle Crisps are cheap and simple to make, delicious and incredibly healthy! The common nettle or Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica and the closely related Urtica urens) has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries. To prepare the fresh stinging nettle leaves simmer them for about two minutes in boiling water and then drain. Please see my. A great recipe for people new to nettles, since their intense earthy flavor is softened with garlic and oil and cheese. Now that you’ve perused through some of my favorite nettle recipes, which ones are you most excited about trying? Not only is it highly nutritious (rich in Vitamin A, C, D, K, iron, calcium and protein), it’s also delicious, versatile, easy to recognize, and free. Topped with an over easy egg, this wild nettle pizza looks fantastic and has me practically salivating at how scrumptious it is. This dead nettle rice bake is a great way to get to know the flavor of this wild food! Stinging nettles are antioxidant, anti-ulcer, antimicrobial, astringent, and diuretic. Creamy Nettle Rice Bake Recipe Ingredients: 1 Tablespoon olive oil. Infusions for kids probably aren’t the first thing to come to mind when thinking about preparing stinging nettles. Stinging Nettle Scones are best eaten warm, spread generously with butter. But I digress. In Asia, a congee is rice simmered in a broth and is a dish that’s eaten every day. Now that’s a cupcake I gotta try. Mints are everywhere, but nettles not so much. Your email address will not be published. This cake is a vibrant green without the use of any food coloring and is incredibly easy to decorate. Short on time during a busy work or school night? https://www.thespruceeats.com/favorite-stinging-nettles-recipes-2217543 Dabbing brewed nettle tea turned toner onto your skin has been shown to be successful in aiding those problematic areas. Dry some of your stinging nettle for this recipe for nettle-ade! A fizzy clay facial cleanser made with nettle powder is an effective remedy to treating hormonal acne and removing built up oils on the skin. I want to inspire you to live seasonally, become more self sufficient, and protect your health. They end up with an intense nettle flavor with this preparation, so a little can go a long way. A side of easy no knead sourdough bread, anyone? A lot of grocery stores and pharmacies now sell herbal allergy-aid remedies with nettle as one of the potent ingredients. It is commonly used as a diuretic to rid the body of excess water and to treat painful muscles and joints, eczema, arthritis, gout, and anemia. Protein, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, and a multitude of vitamins, just to name a few. Don't let its sting scare you away, the stinging nettle packs a powerful nutritional punch, and is a great addition to smoothies like this foraged, tropical stinging nettle smoothie. Maybe try and join some local foraging groups for more ideas! With a little planning ahead and safety precautions in place (I’m talking about gloves here! However, after undergoing a few stings to my hand, it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought and was only uncomfortable for a few hours. Everything about the medicinal plant growing almost everywhere in the world is usable, i.e. They also help support … 8,000 years ago humans were taking full advantage of the wild edible and medicinal plants in their area and not disregarding them as a nuisance that needed to be eradicated from their backyards! While you might prefer to keep a distance from nettle, this nutritious herb is in fact medicinal from top to its roots. What to Forage in Fall: 30+ Edible and Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms, How to Make Soap For Beginners + Calendula Soap Recipe, Homemade Deodorant Recipe with Lavender and Sage, How to Make a Gallon of Mead: A Simple Mead Recipe. Please see my Privacy Policy. I serve these pancakes with jam, but I have also tried them with sour cream and smoked salmon, as well as sprinkled with sugar. Stinging Nettle Leaf Uses “When in doubt, use nettles!” This saying is popular among herbalists and attests to the power of nettles to impart vibrancy and as an herbal remedy. This will also subscribe you to the Grow Forage Cook Ferment newsletter. You can also fill capsules with the powder and take them orally to relieve congestion, sneezing, and itching that can occur with hay fever. Overview Information Stinging nettle is a plant. Stinging nettle, or Urtica dioica , is a common plant that grows in the United States, Canada, and Europe. If you’ve read this far, you must feel compelled to get out in the field and start foraging for and using stinging nettles! Make it when nettles show up at the farmers markets in the Spring. If you want to learn more about the edible and medicinal weeds that surround us and how to use them, check out my eBook: Wildcrafting Weeds: 20 Easy to Forage Edible and Medicinal Plants (that might be growing in your backyard)!
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